How to use Gulf Education Services

Connecting schools, teachers and consultants

  • Teachers provide essential details, bios and CVs to Gulf Education Services. These are reviewed, coded and added to the “available teachers” notice board.
  • Consultants provide CVs, essential details and statements to Gulf Education Services of their specialisms and how they work with schools. These are reviewed, coded and added to the “consultants” notice board.
  • Schools provide brief details of their staffing needs to Gulf Education Services. These are reviewed, coded and added to the “school teaching vacancies” notice board.
  • Schools review the teachers and consultants according to their needs and contact Gulf Education Services to be connected.
  • Teachers can request to be connected to schools.
  • Gulf Education Services then connects schools to teachers and consultants.
  • Parents requiring private tutors may also advertise their requirements and contact Gulf Education Services if they wish to be connected to any of the teachers.

Costs: There are no charges for displaying entries on the notice boards. Commission only is paid by schools to Gulf Education Services when a successful connection is made; that is, when a teacher is appointed or a consultant is contracted. Commission is based on the teacher’s salary and consultant’s fee. Full details are provided to schools wishing to use Gulf Education Services.

Documents and customised services

  • Schools and individuals should contact Gulf Education Services to discuss their needs.
    Gulf Education Services will provide appropriate personalised support.

Costs: These will be agreed on the basis of the individual projects.

Connecting schools and suppliers of learning resources

  • Advertising boards display brief details of suppliers’ resources, including a link to the suppliers’ websites.

Costs: There is an advertising charge for this service.

Registering and logging on

  • To make use of the services, new users should click the red Login button at the top of each screen.
  • This opens a drop down window. New users should not complete any details at this point.
    Instead click the red Register button at the bottom right of the window.
  • This opens a new Registration page. Select your role (Teacher, School, Parent, Consultant or Supplier).
  • Complete the details requested and read the terms and conditions by clicking the link.
  • To be able to submit your details you must agree to the terms and conditions and enter the correct answer to the security question (Capcha Code).
  • When you have clicked the red submit button, if all sections are completed, your registration will be processed.
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration with a password. (Please check your junk mail folder if this is not delivered to your inbox.)
  • Use your email address (which is your user name) and the password from your email to Log on (red Login button).
  • Once logged on, you may change your password to something more memorable.