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The Gulf region is undergoing phenomenal growth in private education. As the expatriate population of this part of the world increases, the need for high quality education for the families is becoming even more important.
Governments are doing what they can to ensure all private schools provide high quality education. Schools are becoming more and more accountable for delivering on their promises to parents.

In this highly competitive and oversubscribed field of education, staffing schools with the best teachers and resources is not easy. Coaching, mentoring and training teachers, and providing ongoing professional development for school staff is an issue for many schools.

Gulf Education Services was created out of an expanding need to provide private schools in the Gulf region with personalised support and training, and to offer access to teachers, school leaders, educational consultants/trainers and resource suppliers.

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Who We Are

Gulf Education Services is a facility that connects all those involved in creating, maintaining and improving education and schools in the Gulf region. We provide a means by which schools can find the staff, consultants and resources that best meet their needs. Based in the Gulf region, we have extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of schools across the Middle East. Through our extensive network, we can connect with teachers and draw upon the best trainers, evaluators and resource providers. The founders and associates know what is needed for schools to be a successful because they have done it themselves. Gulf Education Services offers schools access to the right people and resources for the job.